How to Prepare for an Apartment Move Out 

We don’t always stay in one place. There would come a time when we move out from the dorm or apartment we’re staying in. Not everyone anticipates the challenging part, which is to move out including all the belongings. That’s why you should do some preparations weeks before your move out date so you can keep up with your schedule, and to also avoid possible emergencies. That’s why we decided to make an article blog the things you should do before moving out.  


Provide a Written Notice 

It’s not just you who’s going to be prepared for the move out, you landlord should too. One week before the termination of your lease, you should have already prepared the notice. This way, they are aware that the place you’re staying at is going to be vacant. Also, if you made advance deposits for the lease, you would be able to give it back.  

Book a Moving Company 

If you’re moving out with lots of appliances and other belongings, it would be difficult for you move all of them. Book a moving company ahead of time. If you can drive, you can also rent a moving truck. Making reservations will be a relief for you especially if your target date is a moving season. If there is a big gap in the time between your moving out and moving in date, you can reserve a storage unit so you have a place to keep your belongings.  


Do not start to pack days before the move out. You should always prepare few weeks before the date. You can also keep a calendar so you would keep up with your goals of the week. You can start packing your non-essential things. Prepare boxes and other packing materials. If you’re packing on your own, make sure you label each boxes. If you have lots of stuff, decide what to bring and what not. Prepare a luggage of the necessary things you will use on the first day of your move.  

Submit Change of Address 

If you don’t want any hassle before and after you move out, take care of the papers like a notice of your new address. You can submit it online or go to the establishments directly. Notify credit card companies, banks, and landlords of your new address. If you are moving locally, notify the utility companies.  

Clean the Place 

This is probably the last thing anyone would want to do during the move out. But always remember that someone will occupy the place you’re living in, and who wants to stay in a vey disorganized place right? This is also important if you want your deposit back. If you need assistance, you can always hire clean out services Chicago 

After this, you can finally say goodbye to your old home. Give the key to the landlord or accompany him/her when she does the inspection, this way you would get your deposit in no time. You can then use the money for your other move out expenses.  


Hot Tub Repair Tips that You can Do  

Hot tubs are great way to relax. It is a luxurious way to feel grounded. When the world is a little bit too much for us to handle we always look for ways to help our body to feel rejuvenated and what other way to do that than to relax in a perfect hot tub. However, like any hot tub there will come a time that you would need a Calgary hot tub repair. Hot tub is actually cost effective when you love to unwind in a cold winter night; rather than going to a spa house every time you want to relax you’ll be able to save more.   

Tub Repair Tips 

Here are some hot tub repair that you can totally do on your own so you can feel proud with what you can do.   

  • Leaking Spa or Hot Tub Pump Seal  

It is an easy way and you can totally do this on your own. You can visually see a leaking pump seal and you can check how you can replace the leaking part of pump seal. A shaft seal is a 2- piece part that is spring loaded and that it seals up the motor shaft.  

  • Spa or Hot Tub Heater  

Hot tubs always has a heater, it is often thru an electric immersion element that is inside a stainless steel tube. You as an owner can change or replace the hot tub heater only but if you want to make things easier on yourself you can replace the whole unit that houses the heater instead.   

  • Leaking Spa or Hot Tub  

The first thing you should think of when you suspect that there is a leak in the tub is to actually locate the source of the leak. It may not be easy and you may need to look further and get into awkward positions with your tub to find it. Patching up a leak in the tub can be easy or hard depending on where it is. If its the spa filter then just a tightening might be in order. There are also parts that you might want to replace because the leaking might be due to the deteriorated element.  

  • Hot Tub Control Panel  

There might be a time where you need to replace your hot tub control panel. Although they are pretty sturdy and won’t need replacement for the next nine to ten years, a time will come that you might have to. There might be an accident with the control panel then you might have to do it too. It is pretty easy to replace. Also, just make sure that you use the right control panel to replace it so it will like good as new.   

  • Hot Tub Ozonator 

If you need to repair the hot tub ozonator you can do it on your own. The ozonator can last up to 12-24 months but there really isn’t any measure when the ozonator runs out other than the fact that there will be no more bubbles in the jets. Some companies will have a schedule to replace the ozonator every 12 months but some will opt to do it on their own.  


The Danger Termites Bring 

Termites are pests although unlike their counterparts the rats and cockroaches they don’t bring harmful disease to humans. They bite humans but they aren’t toxic to humans either. Their danger comes from the destruction of wooden structures in the house. They work in silence and if you don’t know better you might get structures falling. Termites can cause parts of the house to collapsed and living it as is can bring danger to you.  

Termites are small but terrible creatures they have caused expensive repairs with the damages they bring. There are some preventive measures you can take to make sure that termites don’t start eating your house from the inside out. There are companies out there who can help you with your problems check out the termites Fort Lauderdale to see the services they offer that might also be available in your area.  

Danger Termites

Here are some other dangers the termites might bring.   

  • Health Issues  

You read that right termites can bring you possible health issues. Although it was already said that termites do not bring harmful diseases unlike other pests however they can definitely trigger it. Termites like the damp and dark areas. What is common with damp and dark ares of the house, it has molds. Yes, the mold will spread throughout the house and as the termites burrow deeper they release the spores. Filling the air in the house with spores; spores can trigger asthma or allergies.   

Termites do not affect our health directly but it is better to stay safe than sorry. This way you don’t have to worry about triggering any health issues or worse causing the health issues.  

  • Damages  

Our health is not the only thing at risk when we are dealing with termites. As discussed from the intro termites bring a lot of damages to our home. Most especially because they work silently you won’t even notice it until it’s too late. You don’t want your wood panels or ceilings falling on you or others because of termites.   

Not only that because they can go for so long undetected getting the area that has been damaged can become very expensive. This isn’t something that we want to deal with especially in this kind of economy.   

It is important for any homeowners to take the extra steps to keep termites away from your home. You should think of the prevention method available in the market. Always ask a professional what is the best way to keep termites away and to get rid of them. Unless you know what you’re doing then it is better to allow the professionals do it. Doing it yourself may cause more damage than fix the problem.  

Example, you might handle the chemicals wrong and get yourself in a fatal situation. You can also create serious damage to your home unknowingly and you might not get rid of all the termites. This can lead to them continuing to cause damage to your property and you don’t want that.