Hot Tub Repair Tips that You can Do  

Hot tubs are great way to relax. It is a luxurious way to feel grounded. When the world is a little bit too much for us to handle we always look for ways to help our body to feel rejuvenated and what other way to do that than to relax in a perfect hot tub. However, like any hot tub there will come a time that you would need a Calgary hot tub repair. Hot tub is actually cost effective when you love to unwind in a cold winter night; rather than going to a spa house every time you want to relax you’ll be able to save more.   

Tub Repair Tips 

Here are some hot tub repair that you can totally do on your own so you can feel proud with what you can do.   

  • Leaking Spa or Hot Tub Pump Seal  

It is an easy way and you can totally do this on your own. You can visually see a leaking pump seal and you can check how you can replace the leaking part of pump seal. A shaft seal is a 2- piece part that is spring loaded and that it seals up the motor shaft.  

  • Spa or Hot Tub Heater  

Hot tubs always has a heater, it is often thru an electric immersion element that is inside a stainless steel tube. You as an owner can change or replace the hot tub heater only but if you want to make things easier on yourself you can replace the whole unit that houses the heater instead.   

  • Leaking Spa or Hot Tub  

The first thing you should think of when you suspect that there is a leak in the tub is to actually locate the source of the leak. It may not be easy and you may need to look further and get into awkward positions with your tub to find it. Patching up a leak in the tub can be easy or hard depending on where it is. If its the spa filter then just a tightening might be in order. There are also parts that you might want to replace because the leaking might be due to the deteriorated element.  

  • Hot Tub Control Panel  

There might be a time where you need to replace your hot tub control panel. Although they are pretty sturdy and won’t need replacement for the next nine to ten years, a time will come that you might have to. There might be an accident with the control panel then you might have to do it too. It is pretty easy to replace. Also, just make sure that you use the right control panel to replace it so it will like good as new.   

  • Hot Tub Ozonator 

If you need to repair the hot tub ozonator you can do it on your own. The ozonator can last up to 12-24 months but there really isn’t any measure when the ozonator runs out other than the fact that there will be no more bubbles in the jets. Some companies will have a schedule to replace the ozonator every 12 months but some will opt to do it on their own.  

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